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Our mission is to provide up-to-date, relevant and creative business strategies so that our clients can focus on what they do best, while we add value to their existing offerings and core competence.


Our  vision is to bring international experience to our clients in a multidisciplinary  environment, serving to inform and bring inspiration for growth.


Our role is to help facilitate the learning and growth experience for our clients so that they possess the know-how,  excel, and gain ownership by bringing ideas into fruition.

Our Business


Verity Consulting begun its journey in 2005, Australia. Due to an increasing demand in overseas market expansion and business process improvement, our practice has been solicited to assist companies grow internationally.


Backed up by strong research background, in touch with the most innovative trends, and best business practice from around the world, Verity Consulting gain success with its clients by providing practical ideas and timely advice to our clients' expansion goals.  


Since 2009, Verity Consulting has established its presence in Singapore due to the demands in capability development for international trade and overseas growth. Current projects have long-standing advocates and strong collaboration with local entrepreneurs and trade agencies. Personlised advisory services and training are rendered to aspiring businesses who seek methodical & effective International Market Entry planning and Global Branding strategy in order to achieve results in their export endeavours.


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Our Membership


 Founder | Principal Consultant Profile


Dr. Sandy Chong is an accomplished trainer and a leading  researcher with over 12 years of experience in marketing and information systems management.


She conducts research in the area of Global Marketing  Communication, EBusiness Strategies, International Marketing & Branding, Business Process Management, Innovation Adoption, Change Management, Public-Private Contracting Policy & Governance, Supply Market Intelligence, Environmental & Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing, Strategic Alliance, and CrossCultural studies.


She trains in both large and small organisations and her research appears in information systems, marketing, supply management,

global business management and public policy journals. 


Learn more about her Here.