When you work with us, you'll not only gain a world-class team but also a wealth of industry experience with diverse areas of expertise. Our partners are leading specialist in the areas of Research, Design, E-Commerce Application Development, and Intellectual Property. We are a tight-knitted team of collaborators making sure our clients' business needs are fulfilled with the least amount of hassle and maximum amount of knowledge access and development control.

Axis Intellectual Capital

Axis provides a full range of intellectual property services to help our clients obtain appropriate IP protection across the world and commercializing it in a cost-effective manner. The company has offices in Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. Axis attorneys are able to handle work in diverse technical fields including engineering, electronics, computer software, biotechnology and chemistry.


Our collaboration with Axis helps firm take a proactive, strategic approach towards IP protection and commercialisation.  The practical, creative solutions provided to clients by Axis are of the highest standards and the excellence of their service is evident in testimonials offered .

Element 14
Systems Solutions

Element 14 System Solutions Pty Ltd is comprised of a team of talented IT specialists with an extensive array of system development skills. We are committed to providing excellence in every aspect of Information Technology. Our wide range of expertise include: Software Development, Web Development, Database Development and Graphic Design.


We envisions a future of customer satisfaction through our quality services that provide not only an innovative solution tailored to each individual customer, but an enhanced knowledge of current information technologies.Located in Perth, Western Australia our employees have an extensive range of industry experience in providing quality Information Technology services.

Ready to Grow


Ever wonder why some companies seem to grow at complete ease while others struggle to look past tomorrow? What makes one company more ready than the other when it comes to expansion? Are you in the right head space when it comes to growth? Are you ready to grow?


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