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We take pride in delivering customised, relevant and result-oriented service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

"The whole course worked in a logical, methodical way that made sense & what was covered can be applied practically. Well-worth the 2-days training!"


"The training helps generate ideas about communicating BPM in a way that is creative & interesting. Sandy was such a knowledgeable & lovely trainer - thoroughly enjoyable!"

Brisbane, Australia
Danovel Pte Ltd.

"..... has a great passion in coaching; imparting practical, valuable knowledge in the area of distribution channels and also international branding, her widely exposed past experiences are no doubt beneficial as she shares it with the export training participants.”

Hello Parry.com
Australia & China

"As my business coach, Sandy has been a great mentor in my venture to start a business online. She is always willing to share the most creative, affordable and latest internet marketing tips to help my business grow...... her wide area of expertise and talent for bringing international ideas together helps me to double my revenue in less than 3 years. Her passion and attention to details is most needed for a growing company like ours. Can't say enough thanks to Sandy!"

Sinhua Hock Kee Trading

"Since engaging in Verity Consulting export coaching service, our export business has grown 20% every year! We have learnt how to maintain relations with our existing client and achieve more sales since 2010. "


"Three words that would best describe the trainer's course presentation: 1) Clear,  2) Concise, and 3) Comprehensible. The trainer's excellent command of the English language allows good and effective communications throughout her lively and interesting presentations. Her knowledge is highly adequate in addition to her accurate first-hand experience of small businesses and international trade. A commendable job done well.”

Australian Federal Police
Canberra, Australia

"We learned how to overcome resistance by understanding different stakeholders' groups and their needs at the training"


".....through the in-class exercises and case studies, we learnt how to employ communication tools to sell Business Process Management internally, gaining long term support.... enjoyed the sessions tremendously!"

"The multidimensional perspective on international marketing was particularly valuable when taking up a project of this scope (setting up a distribution centre at East Timor) in a developing country. All thanks to Verity Consulting's advisory service, we could better implement our entry strategy"

Store Lorosae
Singapore & East Timor
Family Neuro Health Centre
Perth, Australia

"Our staffs have benefited from the dedication given..... very hands-on with the training and communicating requirement to us..... has given our company a structured yet creative direction to reach the goals we set for the next 5 years!"

"..... masterfully cover a broad range of critical topics, but also engaged us on a professional and personal levels whilst enriching our learning experiences through effective instruction!"


" I was profoundly inspired at the E-Commerce Workshop at the Monterey Institute..... constantly provided valuable guidance and assistance....I strongly recommend the training"


"..... the training style was interesting and powerful. Her open-mindedness actually motivates and encourages myself and other non-business attendees to participate proactively in the class. On top of that, the real beauty of her approach is that she genuinely cares and is always kind in her consideration for our circumstances....a highly knowledgable and professional trainer"


"The trainer was very engaging and non-traditional in her teaching style. Her creativity and warm spirit are most memorable and she was very receptive to questions and feedback from us"

Fisher Graduate School of International Business
MBA attendees, USA

Why Us?


Want to know more about why customers picked us to help them with their business challenges? Here are some of the most common comments we get:


  • we are vibrant & creative in our approach

  • we come across confident & really know what we are doing

  • our international experience & diverse project exposure helps

  • our professional & methodical approach is superb for best practice

  • we are personable & flexible in meeting client's needs

  • we take a collegial & collaborative approach when giving advice

  • we are good listeners & are able to articulate business problems spot on

  • highly efficient & rigorous in our background research

  • we manage expectations well: what you see is what you get!

  • we are enjoyable & easy to work with!


Have you got a testimonial to share with us? We would be excited to hear from you. Not yet a customer but want to share your thoughts? Come visit our Contact Us page. Any comments are welcomed!

How Can We Help You?


Do you have a story to tell about your business? We love to hear your success story as well as any glass ceiling conundrum that you would like to overcome in order to achieve your dream goals.


Send us an email today at info@verityconsult.com to receive more information about us and what we do to help our clients improve their business results