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Business Insights and Best Practices

Welcome to our Resource center where we share our best practice ideas, in-house research, publications, business tips, and success stories of our clients.  

Research Reports


1. Marketing Research for Electronic Markets


Marketing research has been known to help assess the potential of new products, measure results, solve marketing problems. This paper reveals how this same activity could help companies make informed decisions about their users in the electronic or online markets. To learn more, click here.


2. Intercultural Contract Negotiation


Procurement managers involved in cross-country negotiations, especially with the Chinese, often find that cultural differences may put the success of contractual arrangements at risk. Yet, understanding these differences may help mitigate any confusion early on. Read more.

3. Rethinking Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers & Acquisitions are often used as part of a company's globalization strategy, including both intra-regional and international deals. However, more than 50% of them fail. Read more to find out the challenges.


4. Fostering Creativity for Organisations


How do you stay competitive & creative at the same time? What system or practice must a firm possess to nurture creativity? How do knowledge management & communication strategy help encourage the sharing and improvement of ideas? Read more here.


5. Successful E-Commerce Implementation for SMEs


Why do some firms flourish with the implementation of E-Commerce (EC) strategies while others flop? What are the critical factors that influence the successful adoption of EC? What external conditions are most conducive for a successful deployment? To find out, click our paper here

6. Joint Venture Success for IT Industry


The rate of joint venture formation has grown rapidly in recent years. Yet, it has been estimated that more than half of these alliances fail. Our team of researchers find out what elements influence a satisfactory partnership in the fast-paced industry of Information Technology (IT). Read more.


7. Business Process Management: Expert Perspectives


BPM is the top priority of CIOs for the last 4 years. Why do so many of the BPM initiatives fail despite its undeniably long term benefits? This article present major barriers to successful BPM & offer recommendations for implementers - all from the perspective of experts! Read more.


8. Business Process Management for SMEs


Why aren't SMEs adopting BPM for better operational efficiency, increased profitability, lower operating costs & improved market competitiveness? What challenges do they face & how can they overcome it? This pioneering study reveals the SMEs' experience from AUS wine industry. Read here.

9. Communicating Business Process Initiatives


You've just embarked a Business Process Improvement initiative for your company, but how do you communicate your goals with your internal audience? Where do you start and what communication channels should be used to achieve optimal buy-in? To read more, click here.

10. Generating Online Trust & Loyalty

Your website is up & running, but you have no idea on how to attract or retain customers. The idea of loyalty online is a mystery to you. This study examines global websites to understand how to build compelling websites that encourages re-patronage & loyalty to co brands. Read on.

11. Factors of EC Adoption for SMEs

What exactly are the reasons behind EC adoption? What factors hinder the adoption and implementation of EC? What kinds of benefits are business leaders expecting from its adoption? And in practice, how optimally is the Internet being used for this purpose? Read on.

12. Alliance Success for Public-Private Partnerships

The emphasis on public-private partnerships (PPP) has grown rapidly in recent years. Yet, more than half of these alliances turn out unsuccessfully. Ever wonder how power imbalance can impede these PPP arrangements & what is the measure of success? Check out more here.

13. Disclosing Environmental Practices

What is an effective environmental reporting? What is the difference between genuine disclosure versus 'greenwashng? In this study, we report how doing it the right way could help firms to strengthen corporate identity within the organisation. Read more.

14. Disclosure of Private Info Online

When customers shop online, what influence their decisions to provide personal & credit card details over the Web? What can companies do to encourage prospects & customers to offer private information voluntarily? Our team research & report this.

Success Stories


Our goal is simply to match our expertise with our client's busines needs. The following articles illustrate how our clients benefited from our methodical guidance and customised strategies to help them achieve the growth and performance desired.


"Keys to Overseas Growth: Having the Right Advisor", PMConnect Magazine, Apr-May 2016 issue, Singapore.


"Spa Producer Boosts its Export Marketing" The Business Times, Special Focus, SME Inc., 18th May 2010, Singapore. By Chen Hui Fen.

Short Articles


"8 Key Steps to Grow Your Business Overseas: Wisdom on Charting New Territories", Linkedin article, Apr 2016. By Dr Sandy Y L Chong.  


"The Art of Mentoring: A Meaningful Way to Create Mutual Growth", PMConnect Magazine, Feb-Mar 2016 issue, Singapore. By Dr Sandy Y L Chong.


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